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Latest News:

25 March 2009: ModelDriven.org Announces the Availability of a new Open Source Project: ModelPro. Model Driven Solutions to Provide Support

26 January 2009: Ed Seidewitz' Article "What Models Mean" Chosen Among IEEE Software Magazine's 25th-Anniversary Top Picks


Upcoming Events:

16 April : Model Driven Solutions is a sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) ArchitecturePlus Seminar in Washington, DC

27 April-1 May: Ed Harrington is presenting: "Open Source Tooling for Implementing OMG's new SoaML Standard" at the Open Group Quarterly Architecture Practitioners Conference in London, England, UK

31 May-2 June: Model Driven Solutions is a small business sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Management of Change (MOC) Conference, Norfolk, VA

2-5 June: Wen Zhu is leading a BOF and Dr. Walt Melo is presenting at JavaOne at the Mascone Center, San Francisco, CA



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DAT has developed a truly outstanding employee benefits package. These benefits are for all employee classifications except part-time.

(Note: Benefits may be changed from time to time at management's discretion.)


DAT recognizes most major legal holidays. A current listing of 2009’s holidays to be observed and of any additional paid holidays or general company time off with pay is located below.




January 1, 2009
New Year's Day
February 16, 2009
President's Day
May 25, 2009
Memorial Day
July 3, 2009
Independence Day
September 7, 2009
Labor Day
November 26, 2009
Thanksgiving Day
November 27, 2009
Day after Thanksgiving
December 25, 2009
Christmas Day

Personal Days Off

After you have completed one year of continuous employment, you will be eligible for three paid personal days each year. You may use this time to observe religious holidays, birthdays, for medical appointments, or any other personal matter.

In addition, you are eligible for time off with pay to vote in any local, state, or federal election.

In order to receive these payments, you must schedule the time off in advance with your manager/supervisor.

A manager/supervisor may approve use of a personal day without advance notice if you have an emergency that could not be anticipated.

If you do not use your three personal days within the employment year, they will not be paid.

Vacation Pay

After six months of full time, continuous employment, you will begin to earn paid vacation.

Vacation time is earned proportionally each month during the employment period or year. You may take vacation up to the amount earned at any given time (subject to carryover rules below). You will earn vacation time according to the following schedule:

Length of Service

Vacation Time Earned

Up to 6 months
0 Days
7 months to 1 year
5 days
2 years to 5 years
10 days
6 years to 10 years
15 days
11 years +
20 days

Sick Pay

After you complete your probation period, you are eligible to be paid for up to six (6) sick days each year without loss of pay for days taken. You begin to accrue sick pay with your first completed month of employment at the rate of one-half day for each completed calendar month. Sick days taken beyond availability will not normally be paid; however, your department manager/supervisor may authorize payment for up to three days of sick pay to be accrued in the future.

Sick days cannot be accumulated from year to year. You may be paid for any unused sick days in the following year.

Sick days may be used as personal time off if you have received approval in advance from your department manager. In all other cases, sick days may be used only if you are unable to work because of your own illness, or that of your immediate family, and you have properly notified your department manager of the reason for your absence. We may require proof of illness before paying for sick days.

Bereavement Leave

After you complete your probation period, we allow a maximum of two days off with pay if there is a death in your immediate family. For the purpose of this benefit, your immediate family is defined as your spouse, children, siblings, parents, and your parents-in-law.


The company maintains comprehensive group health and dental insurance plans for our employees for which you will become eligible on the 1st day of the month following employment. Please apply for your insurance coverage with Human Resources within the first week of employment so that you can take advantage of your automatic entitlement to enroll in the plan. Check with Human Resources for information regarding the insurance plans offered.  United Health Care is our Health Insurance provider. Paragon Dental is our Dental Insurance carrier.

At this time, Data Access Technologies pays 50% of the group health and dental insurance premium for you and your dependents. Your contribution is made through payroll deductions, and may be paid either in post- or pre-tax dollars, as defined in our Section 125 (cafeteria plan). Please see Human Resources for details. The company's employee contribution may vary from time to time, at management's discretion.

If you leave our employ, or if you, your spouse, or one of your dependents loses the right to be covered under our group health insurance, continuation rights may apply. Please review the material given to you on continuation rights, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Please contact Human Resources with any questions that you may have, and if necessary you will be referred to our Insurance Carrier for additional assistance..

A disability insurance policy may also be available as an option. If you are interested in this coverage, please ask Human Resources for details.

Section 125 (Cafeteria) Plan

You may have your payroll deductions paid in either post- or pre-tax dollars, as defined by the company's Section 125 (cafeteria) Plan. Please see Human Resources for details.

401 (k) Plan

In order to assist you in saving for your retirement, Data Access Technologies offers a 401(k) plan to which you may make voluntary pre-tax contributions through payroll deduction. This benefit is available to you upon employment. See Human Resources for details, as you must make an election to participate or decline to participate. If you do not enroll on employment, open enrollment for the 401(k) plan is January 1st and July 1st of every year.  Our current 401K plan is managed by Ingham Group. You can access your 401K plan to view your investment options or make changes to your plan on Ingham's website. 


We provide free in-house training on company products when the training will enhance your job performance.

Equipment Purchases

The company will provide you with information regarding its vendors so that you may take advantage of our pricing discounts. If you purchase equipment or software from a Data Access Technologies vendor for personal use, you must make sure that your name is on the invoice. You are responsible for direct payment to the vendor and any taxes, warranties, etc.

Company Parties and Events

Data Access Technologies will announce by memo a variety of parties and company events and activities. We look forward to you joining us at these functions.






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