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25 March 2009: ModelDriven.org Announces the Availability of a new Open Source Project: ModelPro. Model Driven Solutions to Provide Support

26 January 2009: Ed Seidewitz' Article "What Models Mean" Chosen Among IEEE Software Magazine's 25th-Anniversary Top Picks


Upcoming Events:

16 April : Model Driven Solutions is a sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) ArchitecturePlus Seminar in Washington, DC

27 April-1 May: Ed Harrington is presenting: "Open Source Tooling for Implementing OMG's new SoaML Standard" at the Open Group Quarterly Architecture Practitioners Conference in London, England, UK

31 May-2 June: Model Driven Solutions is a small business sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Management of Change (MOC) Conference, Norfolk, VA

2-5 June: Wen Zhu is leading a BOF and Dr. Walt Melo is presenting at JavaOne at the Mascone Center, San Francisco, CA



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ModelDriven.org Announces the Availability of a new Open Source Project: ModelPro. Model Driven Solutions to Provide Support

ModelPro Realizes the Model Driven Architecture® Vision of Provisioning Executable Software Solutions from Business-centric Architectures; the First Plug-in Cartridge Supports OMG's® SoaML Standard

Vienna, VA, 25 March 2009 - ModelDriven.org (a Division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.) announces a new Open Source project - ModelPro. ModelPro realizes the Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®) vision of provisioning executable software solutions from business-centric architectures. SoaML (Based on the OMG standard) is the first plugin provisioning cartridge for ModelPro which automates the design and development of Service Oriented Architectures, initially on Java Platforms. With SoaML & ModelPro enterprise class service oriented architectures can be up and running quickly and efficiently - ready to integrate new and existing capabilities into coherent solutions based on the enterprise requirements, services and processes.
Model Driven Solutions (a Division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.) is organized to provide design, implementation and ongoing support for ModelPro, it's current plug-in cartridge for SoaML and other plug-in cartridges as they are developed.

ModelPro is based on industry standards and open platforms so that solutions are portable across technologies and never locking in to a specific vendor or technology. ModelPro's high-level and business focused models are used as part of the "source code" of the application to generate and/or dynamically execute business requirements. SoaML uses a profile of the Unified Modeling Language® (UML®) and a provisioning cartridge to produce executable systems in a variety of technologies. The MDA approach used by ModelPro allows the same high-level models to be used as source code for multiple technologies.

"ModelPro isn't just about technology - it is about solutions and executable domain models, the 'source code' of a model driven application", said Cory Casanave, President and CEO of ModelDriven Solutions and Founder of ModelDriven.org. "As part of the ModelPro environment and community we will be providing OpenSource domain models that help to jump start the development of business solutions", continued Mr. Casanave.

ModelPro is available at: www.modeldriven.org

About ModelDriven.org - the Open Source Division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.
ModelDriven.org is a new community of government, commercial and university members who use, develop and integrate open source and commercial capabilities to enable agile business solutions based on model driven methods and technologies. ModelDriven.org is standards based, leveraging Model Driven Architecture® as defined by the OMG® and the Semantic Web as defined by W3C. This community has both a user membership and a provider membership. The user community drives the agenda – it is their needs that ModelDriven.org and the provider community are there to address. ModelDriven.org serves the open source (and "open model") community by being an active contributor to open source and sponsoring open source projects that help build the Model Driven vision. ModelDriven.org provides open source developers a way to focus efforts on problems that need to be addressed and a way to build quality architectures and software that will really make a difference.

About Model Driven Solutions, a Division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.
Model Driven Solutions provides professional services and products that leverage Service Oriented (SOA) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) techniques and standards to assist major organizations in achieving effectiveness and agility in a changing and collaborative world.  Founded in 1996, Model Driven Solutions has been a leader in the development of open standards and supporting products that result in Executable Enterprise Architectures (EEA). Model Driven Solutions’ EEA focus helps drive information systems to quickly and cost effectively address business and defense initiatives.  Active in the Object Management Group (OMG), the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the Open Group and other standards development organizations, Model Driven Solutions has provided industry leadership that is, today, resulting in significant technological advancements and customer satisfaction.  With customers like the US General Services Administration (GSA), the US Army, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Unisys and many others, Model Driven Solutions is at the leading edge of today’s software technology advances. 


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