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1 April 2008 :Model Driven Solutions Led Team Awarded Federal Acquisition Services - Service Oriented Infrastructure Task Under GSA BPA

1 April 2008 :Model Driven Solutions Awarded Open Source Development Task for Registry Services Under GSA BPA

25 March 2008 :Model Driven Solutions and ObjectSecurity Partner to Provide Joint Service Portfolio

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21-25 April : Model Driven Solutions will be at the Open Group quarterly conference in Glasgow, Scotland
30 April-1 May : Cory Casanave will be presenting at the Fifth Service Oriented Architecture for E-Government Conference



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Cory Casanave, President and CEO of Data Access Technologies, Inc. elected to the Board of Directors of the Object Management Group (OMG).

Anaheim, CA, USA - October 13, 2006 - Members of the Object Management Group™ (OMG™) met in Anaheim, California, USA during the week of September 25-29, 2006, sponsored by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Inc. At this meeting, four new members were elected to the OMG Board of Directors.

Those elected included Cory B. Casanave, CEO and President, Data Access Technologies; Larry Johnson, Principal, TethersEnd Consulting; Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics; and Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, CTO, Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Additional information is available in the OMG Press Release.

About Data Access Technologies, Inc. (DAT)

DAT provides professional services and products that leverage Service Oriented (SOA) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) techniques and standards to assist major organizations in achieving effectiveness and agility in a changing and collaborative world.  Founded in 1996, DAT has been a leader in the development of open standards and supporting products that result in Executable Enterprise Architectures (EEA).  DAT’s EEA focus helps drive information systems to quickly and cost effectively address business and defense initiatives.  Active in the Object Management Group (OMG), the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and other standards development organizations, DAT has provided industry leadership that is, today, resulting in significant technological advancements and customer satisfaction.  With customers like the US General Services Administration (GSA), the US Army, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Unisys and many others, DAT is at the leading edge of today’s software technology advances. 



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